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Staging Services

Whether you have a vacant property or just need a little direction, we can help.


A comprehensive review of your property from the buyer's perspective. Potential problem areas are identified and solutions are provided, along with an extensive checklist to prepare you and your property for the market.

Occupied Home Staging

We specialize in refreshing your space and showcasing your home's best features with most of your own furnishings and accessories. If your home requires additional items to create that WOW factor, we've got you covered with an extensive selection of inventory. 

Vacant Home Staging

Typically, buyers and renters cannot visualize themselves living in a vacant space.  We can transform empty spaces into amazing places!  Your quote will include a design plan, furniture and decor rentals, and recommendations for any upgrades before staging day.  

Interiors & Design Services

Whether it's a paint colour or complete redesign, we can help.

Just Moved

You loved how we staged your previous property, and you want us to help you get settled in your new space.  We can assist with paint colour, recommend upgrades, create a design plan to incorporate what you already have, and guide you on any new purchases. 


Quick Fix

Getting tired of the same old paint colour and throw pillows?  We will help you select a new wall colour, guide you on accessories and change your furniture layout, giving you that refreshed feeling that will make you fall in love with your home all over again!  


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